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Davie Allan and The Arrows’ Latest 17-Track CD Release, “Retrophonic” (Arrow Dynamic)

Autographed and Dated by the Fuzz King, Himself!

Davie makes his guitar talk—communication breakdown is not part of his vocabulary!”

Here’s where vintage meets modern, modern meets vintage, and the results are wholly satisfying and gratifying. Split between material dating back to the sixties and stuff recorded in recent months, “Retrophonic” toasts the boss music of Davie Allan and The Arrows in a remarkable light. Previously unreleased tunes, liner notes from the guitar master himself, and nifty photos and artwork lend added attractions to package.

While the stellar reputation of Davie Allan and The Arrows centers on their electrifying instrumentals, they also fare mighty well in the vocal division. From the sixties, covers of Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (done Beatles style) and Gerry Goffin and Carole King’s “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” complemented by blissful harmonies and a killer guitar solo, stress the Southern California band’s flair for playing radio friendly pop songs. Pinched from The Mamas and The Papas catalog, “Straight Shooter” further captures the combo’s synchronized chemistry. Moving onto the early seventies, the ethereal etchings of “Building Blocks And Lollipops” mirrors the psychedelic explorations of The Byrds, and from 1980, there‘s the country-fried flavoring of “Honky Tonk Jezebel.” A couple of present day efforts, “Evil Did Too” and “Los Cabos” feature the crystal clear vocals of Lisa Mychols, surrounded by classy arrangements and fairly exotic motifs.

Avid Arrows fans don’t need to be told the group has encountered some personnel shifts over time. Bassist Sam Bolle and drummer Dusty Watson join Davie in the current configuration of the band, and their talents are put to good use throughout the disc. Charged with power and clarity, “Devil Dust” and “Uprising” squeal and roar with thunderous riffs and rhythms. Davie’s trademark fuzz pervades every single inch of these bone-rattling instrumentals, topped with sheets of heavyweight melodies. The appropriately titled “Buzz Saw Effect,” along with new takes of “Extrasensory Deception” and “The Glory Stompers” proceed to twitch, turn and tremble with ongoing action and adventure to the brutal beat of fuzz, fuzz and more fuzz.

Dedicated to the memory of rhythm guitarist, Wayne Allwine, who sadly died in May of this year, “Retrophonic” performs a billion dollar job of documenting the different phases and complexions of Davie Allan and The Arrows. Those in the know have always acknowledged Davie as one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock and roll. His cutting edge fusion of reverb-washed surf sounds, grungy garage rock and psychedelic seasonings remains unsurpassed. Davie makes his guitar talk—communication breakdown is not part of his vocabulary!

Beverly Paterson

TLM Chief Staff Writer

(©Lance Monthly Vol. 10, No. 5 October 2009)

  1. Tracks

    1.  Devil Dust

    2.  Uprising

    3.  Heavenly Blues

    4.  Buzz Saw Effect

    5.  The Glory Stompers

    6.  Straight Shooter

    7.  The Lone Arranger

    8.  You Really Got a Hold on Me

    9.  Rebel Rouser

    10. Will You Love Me Tomorrow

    11. Recycled

    12. Building Blocks and Lollipops

    13. Extrasensory Deception

    14. Honky Tonk Jezebel

    15. Night Crawler

    16. Los Cabos

    17. Evil Did Too

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