Contains one of the best Buddy Holly tribute songs to date!

"Retrophonic 2 - The Home Demos" Davie Allan

(Arrow Dynamic Records – AD002-2010)

(Autographed by the Fuzz King himself)

Duly recognized as the “King of Fuzz Guitar,” Davie Allan scored big time in the sixties with a series of sizzling instrumentals, most notably “Blues Theme,” which invaded the national top forty charts, that deftly bridged the gap between surf rock and psychedelic innovation. Considering Davie’s greatest commercial success was due to such sounds, it’s only expected that that’s the genre with which he’s associated. However, there’s another side to the universally lauded string bender that has seldom been revealed. Those who purchased Davie’s previous release, “Retrophonic,” which features his legendary band, the Arrows on select cuts, don’t need to be told he’s no one-trick pony, as the disc exposed what a superb singer he is.

Arriving as a fine companion to the package is “Retrophonic 2 - The Home Demos,” a twenty-eight track collection covering the sixties until now. Sporting an extremely tuneful set of pipes, blooming with clarity and feeling, Davie lets his pop sensibilities run wild, and what smart and stunning pop sensibilities they are. Although snatches of fabled folks like Buddy Holly, Del Shannon and various Merseybeat bands are regularly referenced, Davie truly has a voice all his own. Stacks of songs on “Retrophonic 2 - The Home Demos,” particularly “Dead End Town,” “World of Yesterday,” “Do You See What You’re Doing To Me,” “It’s Right on the Tip of My Tongue,” “You’re Gonna Cry,” and his phenomenally catchy tribute to Buddy Holly, “Oh Buddy, We Miss You So,” contain all the proper ingredients required to produce solid gold hit singles.

Juicy and memorable melodies, fused with sparkling arrangements and tugging harmonies are delivered in spades. Sprinkled across these scrumptious pop confections is Davie’s distinctive guitar work, which adds an even tastier flavor to the infectious stuff. Muscular riffs and unique chording lend a splash of gritty garage-band rock stylings to some of the material as well, not to mention a couple of servings of country-fried cuisine. Powered by tight and hooky pop songs, played straight from the heart and soul, “Retrophonic 2 - The Home Demos” is highly listenable through and through. Davie is a man of multiple talents, and the proof is right here.

Beverly Paterson – TLM Chief Staff Writer



  1. Dead End Town
  2. East Wind
  3. Every time I See You
  4. See the Way
  5. She’s My Woman
  6. World of Yesterday


  1. Do You See What You’re Doing to Me?
  2. Get Away from Me
  3. It’s Rights on the Tip of My Tongue
  4. Like Sands through the Hourglass
  5. Make the Most of Your life
  6. Maybe I’ll Just Move Along
  7. She’s My Girl
  8. This Burning Flame of Love
  9. A Wondrous Love


  1. Los Cabos
  2. Funny Little Empty Feelin’
  3. I’m Getting Too Close for Comfort


  1. Cruel World
  2. Each Dawn I Die
  3. I Know About You
  4. Lonely Is the Hunter
  5. Run to Her
  6. She’ll Come Back to Me
  7. That’s Why I Love Being with You
  8. You’re Gonna Cry


  1. I Didn’t Know Love
  2. Oh Buddy, We Miss You So

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