Offering Their Standout Contributions in These

Fourteen Cherished Instrumental Ranchera Tracks from the Past

(Lance 1018)


This cd album is an exceptional lineup of fourteen instrumental ranchera tracks flavored with a variety of guitar lead and rhythm suaveness from the sixties, seventies, and one from the eighties by four standout bands: three from Albuquerque, New Mexico and one from Scottsdale, Arizona. Similar to the beat of the German polkas that are traditionally popular in the upper Midwestern states, rancheras are the traditional polka tempos of the Southwest, and every one of these tracks maintain the Hispanic fire of that genre. The four featured bands are Arizona’s Eddie Dimas and the Upsets, and New Mexico’s own, Little Ralphie and His Combo, Manny and the Casanovas, and King Richard and the Knights, who all have different styles, but their garage-band performances and cadence in this album are the same.

TRACKS FOLLOWED WITH ORIGINAL RECORD LABEL OF RELEASE: 1. El Rancho Grande (King Richard and the Knights – Casanova) 2. Mosquito Junction – (Eddie Dimas and the Upsets – Ice Flame) 3. La Chopa (Manny and the Casanovas - Lance) 4. Con Cartitas – (Little Ralphie and his Combo - Lobo) 5. Poquito de Todo (King Richard and the Knights - Casanova) 6. Polka Milligan – Manny and the Casanovas - Lance) 7. La Ladina (Little Ralphie and his Combo – Lobo) 8. Floresitas Mexicanas – (Manny and the Casanovas – Lance) 9. El Taconasco – (Eddie Dimas and the Upsets – Colonial) 10. A Medias de la Noche – (King Richard and the Knights – Casanova) 11. La Pediodista – (Manny and the Casanovas – Lance) 12. La del Moño Colorado – Casanova) 13. Viva Albuquerque – (Eddie Dimas and the Upsets - Lance and Lobo) 14. Camino de Rieles – (Manny and the Casanovas – Lance)

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