We’re the Mountain Riff-Raff - Mountain Riff-Raff U.S.A .

Released in 1985 (cassette only) by The Mountain Riff-Raff U.S.A. (A.K.A. The Knights), most of the 13-tracks on this album were inspired by a softball league (East Mountain Softball League just east of Albuquerque, NM) that was formed that same year. At the conclusion of its first season, a mother of all awards parties took place; and therein lies the contents of this off-the-wall cassette tape. 

This is an album of party talk, rock ‘n’ roll (both vocal and instrumental), and Southwest guitar instrumental rancheras. Although most of the tracks on this cassette were recorded at Albuquerque’s legendary sound studio (John Wagner’s), some were recorded live at the EMSL awards party at which the band performed.

Dick Stewart recently found a small box of these cassettes in his garage and says that they’re in mint, un-played condition. Says Stewart, “Only 500 cassettes were issued by a little label called Jyck Records, and I remember them selling within a couple of weeks. I’m real surprised that I found these. It’s been twenty years since I’ve listened to this tape and I was reminded of how much fun we all had.”

Dick Stewart has agreed to let the 15 go at $13.90 each with no charge for shipping worldwide. He’ll even autograph them upon request.

The Knights adopted the title Mtn Riff-Raff because of the popularity of an EMSL team of the same name. The ball club's aficionados numbered better than 500 and they were quite rabid, insisting on being called Mtn Riff-Raff themselves! (The musicians in the cassette pic to the left are: Martin Howard - far right standing with guitar; original Knights' drummer, Corky Anderson is standing next to Martin, and next to Corky is guitarist, Dick Stewart with cowboy hat and beard. Kneeling below Dick Stewart is Gary Werner with sax, and to the left of the Harley is Ritch Stewart with bass guitar and cap. In the top center, is guitarist, Jason Stewart, who is jumping, yelling, and apparently flipping off whomever. Sadly, Martin passed away a few yearsago, and Corky died in August of 2005.)

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