"Breaking Rocks" Bobby Fuller Drive

A newly recorded 14-track rockabilly masterpiece by an exceptional veteran band, picked by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck as the February 2004 Lance Album Pick of the Month:

Those of you that yearn for days gone by and the simple rock ‘n’ roll of Elvis and Buddy Holly ("Not Fade Away") will love this new CD by the Bobby Fuller Drive (remember the Bobby Fuller Four?) titled "Breakin Rocks." Upon first listen I thought, "Gee these guys sound so old," well they are and so is the style of music, but that really is not a factor. Those thoughts and perceptions came and went very quickly. I listened some more and before I knew it, I couldn't stop tapping my leather boots and singing along as if I was transported back to those good old days.

Get ready for some rollicking and bluesy rock guitar lines and from-the-gut vocals on fourteen great tracks. My personal favorite is "Never To Be Forgotten." If I were an A & R man working this music, that song would be the first single.

There's six original Bobby and Randy Fuller songs and a lost-and-forgotten-dusted-off-from-the-vaults recording (1964) by Bobby Fuller called "Nancy Jean," which is a real treasure as it is now recorded with Bobby Fuller Drive and brother Randy's voice added.

Its plain and simple folks just like the music; this is darn good stuff that holds up to ANYTHING recorded these days. Enough said. This is a brilliantly uncomplicated recording with a lot of love and care in every track, and that is what it is all about for this music fan.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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Outside the U.S.

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1. It Happened in El Paso -2:35

2. Not Fade Away – 2:34

3. Only When I Dream – 2:05

4. It's Too Late – 2:21

5. Let Her Dance – 3:18

6. I Fought the Law – 2:31

7. It Doesn't Matter Any More – 2:51

8. New Shade of Blue – 3:04

9. Another Sad and Lonely Night – 3:27

10. The Lobby – 5:09

11. Nancy Jean – 2:19

12. Nervous Breakdown – 3:07

13. High Desert Skies – 3:55

14. Never To Be Forgotten – 2:57

The Band

Randy Fuller-Bass, rhythm guitar, banjo, lead vocal and harmony

Billy Webb-Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocal and harmony

Larry Thompson-Percussion


John Mueller-Rhythm guitar, lead vocal and harmony

Jim Thompson-Sax

Mike Chiccarilli-Lead guitar

Barry Keenan-Background vocal

Larry Knechtel – Keyboards