Historic ‘50s Rockabilly Recordings Written, Performed, and Produced By One of Rock and Roll’s Earliest Pioneers: Bob “Git It” Kelly! (Libra 1202)

[TLM Editor’s note: For more than forty years, Bob Kelly has made a living writing songs, performing, recording, and producing. Few artists that had their beginnings in the mid-‘50s, even with the aid of a hit record or two, can boast of similar longevity and all the while not having to take on jobs unrelated to music.  

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This CD is 22 tracks of original rockabilly recordings that were written, produced, performed, and recorded by Kelly during a period from 1954 to 1959, plus two bonus tracks featuring his Vegas lounge group, Expression. Gene Vincent and other artists of note, both past and present, put some of these rockabilly classics on the map with their cover versions of them.  If you love rock ‘n’ roll during its earliest form of historic development, you will definitely want to add this CD album to your collection.]


Git It

Somebody Help Me

What You Want

South Sea Isle Chalypso 1956


Be My Lady Love, Tonight

When We Get Together


Because I Love You So

Ochee, Teehee, and Wad-e-mo

Mercy Mercy

Ditty Wah Ditty

A Woman is a Funny Thing

Lock Your Golden Gate

Beepin Squeal

Mmm Love

Skippin AlongMiracle in Love

Castle in the Sky

Ghost Rock

New Sack Dress and Pointed Toed Shoes

South Sea Isle Chalypso 1958


Bonus Tracks:

(From the 1960 Horror Movie: “The Demon from Devils Lake”)

Performed by Bob Kelly and Expression

Senior Year (Opening Credits and Prom)

Better Luck Next Time (Dance Scene)


Read Robert Kelly’s fascinating featured Interview, “Up Close with Bob ‘Get It’ Kelly in the September 2004’s issue of The Lance Monthly.”