(All Casanova recordings were done at John Wagner's Studio)

Dick Stewart in January 1968 joined forces with Eric Sanchez to create Casanova Records which became a major player in the recording and vinyl releasing of Southwestern Mexican/American music. The company produced a number of hits in the Hispanic communities throughout the 4-Corners States during its four-year existence. For those of you who collect Mexican/American music and are without these rare LP original releases, now's your chance to add some or all of these mint vinyl albums to your collection while they last. Most are still sealed in their protective wrappings. Prices listed include postage and insurance within the U.S. For shipping to other countries, send e-mail inquiries to:


"Enchenle un Quinto al Piano" (CA-104) This was Casanova's only band from Mexico as the rest of its artists were New Mexican. Stewart's liner notes say in part, "It is true that Los Magos have been influenced by the music south of the border, but they have also been swayed by the traditional Chicano music of the Southwest. As a result, the music in this LP has a Conjunto Norteno touch with a Latin American flavor." In fact, the combination of instruments in the group's excellent Mexican/American ranchera performance and one rock effort in this LP is quite unique - organ, electric bass, requinto, tumba, cavasa, and tarolas. Genoveva Chavez, a well-known singer from Santa Fe, was a guest vocalist on two of the album's songs. Titles on this vinyl: - El Mandado de Jose - Maria Isabel - La Bamba - "Me Cai de la Nube - La Boa - Pachito El Che - Un Quinto al Piano - La Nave del Olvido - Por Una Mujer Casada - El Ausente - Push, Push -Total -

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"Sus Canciones Favoritas" (CA-108) Dick Stewart in his liner notes says in part, ". . . twelve beautiful songs, which incidently are her own, flavored by the unique back-up sounds of Los Magos de Mexico." Genoveva Chavez, a Santa Fe, N.M. native, was one of New Mexico's favorite female artists of Mexican/American music during the '70s. Titles on this vinyl: - Mi Loca Pasión - El Golpe Traidor - La Medallita de Oro - El Rebelde - Historia de un Amigo - Fallaste Corazon - Por Que - La Hija de Nadie - Abri Los Ojos - Solamente Una Vez - Sin Ti - Lloraras -

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"Con La Virgen Guadalupana" (CA-109) Formally, El Trio Chapultepec, Dick Stewart in his liner notes says in part, "What makes these (Albuquerque) musicians unique is how they (five in all featuring Vangie Urutia on vocals) unselfishly coordinate their individual styles into a balanced blend creating the sound that we now know as Los Huapangueros." Titles on this vinyl: - La Huasteca - Desden - Gorrioncillo Pecho Amarillo - Mienteme - Oye Como Va - Preso Numero Nueve - Y - Soldado de Levita - Paque Me Sirve La Vida - Rio Rebelde -

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"Las Morenitas" (CA-102) Dick Stewart considered "Little Ralph" Paiz one of the best ranchera guitar pickers in the Southwest and, in fact, invited Ralph to be a back-up guitarist in Stewart's two Casanova instrumental 45s. Little Ralph's combo consisted of his brothers (Lino - rhythm and vocals and Pat - drums) and cousin (Orlie Benavidez - bass and vocals). Spurred on by the Ventures emergence in 1960, the three-solid-body-guitar combos became the preferred band structures not only in the rock scene, but the Mexican/American market as well and Little Ralph's band was unmatched professionally in its rhythmic guitar combo deliveries of Southwestern Chicano rancheras and polkas. Titles on this vinyl: - Vida de Mi Vida - Teddy Bear Polka - Que No Entiendes - El Gallo Copetón - Maria Elena - Copa Vacia - Las Morenitas - Delia - Coqueta - El Lirio - Moreno Morrenita - La Vasilona -

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"Viejo El Viento" (CA-106) Brothers, Felix and Milford Salazar were the leaders of this popular seven piece Albuquerque band during the early '70s and even though the group specialized in big band rancheras of the Southwest, The Purple Haze frequently crossed over into the English rock market in their live performances and occasional recordings. This was Casanova's biggest grossing album. Titles in this vinyl: - Viejo El Viento - El Sauce Y La Palma - Toca Tres Veces - Oja Suelta - El Rico Asendado - Laguna Pesares - Paloma Sin Nido - Cirvuelito - Cuando Sali de Cuba - Una Estrellita Lloro - Pranda Larga - Burning Love -

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"Una Lagrima" (CA-103) Also known as Los Huapangueros, this trio (actually there were three guitarists and a stand-up bass player) specialized in the more traditional Latin music of Central and South America and they did it so well, most thought they were from there. Today, this album is Casanova's rarest and most sought after by collectors. Titles on this vinyl: - Una Lágrima - Prieta Linda - Conozco a Los Dos - Sufro Tu Ausencia - La Noche Y Tu - Voy de Gallo - Quisiera Amarte Menos - O Erán Dios - Malaguena - Sinaloense - Pobre del Pobre - Cuando Calienta el Sol -

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"El Mosquito" (Cristy 5007) Eddie and his Phoenix, Arizona group made it big in the Hispanic world as a guitar instrumental band due to their smash 1966 tunes, "El Mosquito"and "El Mitote." G.G. Hardin (then owner of Cristy Records of Albuquerque) with the help of Dick Stewart gathered together most of The Upsets' hits for this extraordinary album. Titles on this vinyl: - El Mosquito - Maria Elena - La Changita - Viva Albuquerque - La Montanesa - El Mitote - Por Perdido Amor - Polka Chicana - El Chapulin - La Vieja Seca -

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"El Versátil" (Cristy 5012) Freddie Brown, an Albuquerque native, was a popular male vocalist in the Hispanic market of the Southwest. Says Dick Stewart, "G.G. Hardin hired me as Freddie's road manager and I remember that the girls just couldn't keep their hands off him. It got to be a real drag!" What's interesting about this LP is that the jacket is pure white with no pictures or lettering on either the front or back. Says Stewart, "G.G. Hardin told me that he could sell albums by Brown without any pictorial or written album hype and he did just that by releasing an LP in a plain white jacket. This low-cost album was, indeed, a hit and Hardin's profits were obviously good." It's an impressive accomplishment considering most bands today have trouble making money and that includes profit from merchandise, custom shirts , and other endorsements as well. Titles on this vinyl: - Adiós, Adiós - San Marcial - Albur de Amor - Hoy Me Voy Contigo - Dejame - El Hijo Del Pueblo - La Mula - Volveré Manana - Que Te Ha Dado Esa mujer - Just a Girl I used To Know -

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Gran Explosión" (Cristy 5009) Cristy Records released this LP shortly after purchasing Casanova Records in 1972 and the group's efforts on this album are a continuation of their extraordinary musical talents. Titles on this vinyl: - Dos Arbolitos - No Puedo Estar - Tu Boda - Ya No Tengo Nada - La Noche Y Tu - Ella - Rencor - A Media de la Noche - Tu Camino Y El Mío - Renuncación - Anillo de Compromiso - A Mi Viejo San Juan -

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