"Floresitas Mexicanas" Manny and the Casanovas

Lance Records (L-2016)

Written by label owner, Dick Stewart, the following text is the original liner notes (with some limited editing) from the 1968 vinyl issue by Lance Records LP 101. It is the only vinyl album that Lance Records issued in the 1960s:

"Much has been said about the musical talents of Manny and the Casanovas. All this fuss and talk for the Casanovas in action has prompted Lance Music Enterprises to continue the success of this already 'hot album. [It was originally released by the late Benny Martinez.]

"The 12 songs that you are about to hear are Latin rhythms, which have become a part of our Southwestern culture. Most Latin music lovers are familiar with them. But a song is a song until a group like Manny and the Casanovas plays it. Then it becomes something that is capable of producing a feeling in people, which gives one the message that these boys are really playing.

"Manny and the Casanovas are a real talent. When you've finished listening to their twelve outstanding arrangements, we believe you'll agree with us.

"The head honcho of this fine group is Manny Gonzales, who, besides offering a great deal in the way of creative arrangements, plays the sax and sings; Jose Prospero Montoya is the outstanding drummer and featured vocalist; Manny's right hand man is talented Floyd Gonzales, who blows the tenor and alto sax. Floyd, we are happy to confess, spends much of his time teaming up with Vice President, Ross Benavidez, in producing much of our Spanish compositions recorded by other Lance artists as well as the Casanovas; The fine rhythms on guitar and quite creative when it comes to new arrangements; the backbone of any rhythmic organization is the bass player, and the one who's responsible for producing the fine bass sounds on this album is PHIL Duran.

"There you have it. Six creative musicians playing twelve popular compositions, two of which were written and arranged by the group itself, 'Polka Milligans' and 'Mi Vida Es Para Ti."

TRACKS: 1. Polka Milligans (Cool Links, BMI); 2, Tan Chula (Jesus R. Martinez); 3. Historia de un Amore (Almaran); 4. Mi Ultima Cancion (Ruban Fuentes); 5. Siempre Hace Frio (Jose Alfredo Jemenez); 6. Floresitas Mexicanas (Cool Links, BMI); 7. La Chopa (B. Martinez, Cool Links, BMI); 8. La Picona (Romero Perez); 9. Mi Vida Es para Ti (Manuel Facio, Jr.); 10. Caminoto de Rieles (D.D.A); 11. Tu Recuerdo y Yo (Jose Alfredo Jimenez); 12. La Pediodista (Collozo)

CREDITS: Production Engineers - Ross Benavidez, Bennie Martinez; Cover Design - Dick Stewart; Cover Photo - Judi Stewart; CD Mastering - John Wagner Studio; Cover and Layout Designs - Jason Stewart; CD Production Engineer - Ritch Stewart

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