The mid-sixties garage-band explosion in Albuquerque, Phoenix, and other Southwestern cities,

as told by Abq's only monthly rock-and-roll newsletter of the time.

While analyzing these 21 issues loaded with photos, rock-and-roll and Hispanic music ads, gig-venue locations, bands, and the rise of the teen clubs throughout the Southwest, see if you can relate to where the teens’ heads were at during those two years. Many of you might remember that period of time, especially in Albuquerque and played a major role in the music scene. In fact, you may be mentioned in some of these issues:

Music – blues (supper strong, minority fan base), birth of psychedelics and grunge rock, British (brought to America in 1964), and a bit of frat and instrumental rock; Popular Venues – teen clubs, fraternities, sororities, The Sub (UNM’s student Wednesday-night, rock-and-roll dance), Kirtland Air force Base in Albuquerque and other large military bases in the Southwest; Politically – the main theme of the psychedelic hippie movement in San Francisco was don’t be afraid to “just say no” to the establishment, and the teens in the Southwest were beginning to accept it; and being drafted was at the top of every healthy young man’s mind.

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