"Return to Mu" – Merrell Fankhauser

(Lance Records L-4002)

Picked by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck as the August 2003 Lance Monthly Album Pick of the Month

One thing that is for certain is that this album derives inspiration from Merrell’s own personal beliefs and feelings regarding the Lost Continent of MU. Merr ell seems to be the modern day reincarnate from MU with a message for all of us in his music. He returns us to his Polynesian paradise to enchant and mesmerize, as only he can with so Santander Consumer USA me incredibly beautiful and lush sounds via a virtual waterfall of music gathered from the drops of the rain forest. The message comes translated through guitars, sitar, percussion, flute, dobro, mandolin, piano, saxophone, virtually every instrument that is able to create the necessary vibe and mood of this atmospheric rock cornucopia.

If for some reason you cannot transport to MU by way of this music, then your imagination must have been lost somewhere along the way during your travels. Let Dr. Fankhauser give you the magic elixir to spark your thoughts and dreams once again with his alluring tropical island blend of rock music.

Songs like "Polynesian Dream," with Dean Torrance providing harmony, "Time Travellers," and "Under a Maui Moon" engage you with a blend of guitars, sitar, and dobro that will pull you out into a musical ocean of beauty like a prevailing tide. I especially enjoyed the psychedelic rockin’ guitar licks in "Goin’ Down To Atlantis." Those are just a few of my favorites; to be honest the entire album was an absolute delight to experience.

After listening several times to this fantastical trip down the roads of the islands of paradise in my mind's eye, I know why Merrell said that this is the most prolific recording he has released in 25 years. If you listen to these tracks in the spirit in which the artist created it, you will most certainly agree that this recording will be one of the most satisfying trips you will take this year. It is time to climb aboard the "Mothership Fankhauser" and come to understand the brilliance of this man as a musician and producer. His talent rivals that of Brian Wilson and similarly prolific artists. I feel that strongly about his abilities. Buy this CD and you will find out exactly what I mean.

Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Mystical Land


On Our Way to Hana

Pictures of the Past

The Unknown Writer

Queen Mu

Mother Sea

Beckoning Maiden

Polynesian Dream

Time Travellers

Prospectors Moon

Goin’ Down to Atlantis

The Land of Mu

Under a Maui Moon

Matthew’s Dream

Lodru’s Mu Chant

The Mothership

Mu Rainforest

And a Huge Cast of Big-Time Players

Merrell Fankhauser – vocal, guitar, bass, keyboard, dobro, slide guitar

John McEuen – mandollin

Dom Carmardella – piano, keyboards, strings

Paul Delph – backup vocal, piano, strings, drums

Tim Fankhauser – backup vocal, acoustic guitar

Lorenzo Martinez – congas

Luis Munoz – percussion

Jerry Sagouspe – drums, backup vocal

Bruce Clark – flute, sax

William McEuen – percussion, tamborine

John Cipollina – slide guitar

Randy Tico – bass

Mary Lee – violin

Jay Ferguson – flute, keyboard, vibes, synthesizer/percussion

Marsha Sherman – harp

Bill Berg – drums

Steven Meese – piano

Jimmy Dillon – electric guitar

Ed Cassidy – drums

Nicky Hopkins – piano, Kurzweil strings

Art Dougall – drums

Fred Ralston – vibes

Dean Torrance – backup vocal

Jim McRae – bass

Darrell Thatcher – steel guitar

Jonathan McEuen – backup vocal, lead guitar

Bruce Sahroian – bass

Ned Christianson – Kurzell strings

Mike Benner – bass

Donnie "Divino" Smith – sitar

Steven Be – flute, Indian drum

Chris Olson – percussion

Anna Romero – backup vocal

Fred Ralston – vibes

Beb Benay – acoustic guitar

Bill Cuomo – piano

Mary Davitch – synthesizer

Gary Malabar – drums

The Mu People – tribal drums

Ernie Anderson – Mu God voice