West Texas Wind - Sonny West

(Composer of Holly’s “Oh Boy” and “Rave On”)

WEST TEXAS WIND is the latest offering from Rockabilly legend Sonny West. It features signature guitar work, heartfelt lyrics, Sonny's trademark tenor, and some brand new songs mixed with a few old favorites. He clearly has fun with the classics ‘Move It on Over’ and ‘Rock Around with Ollie Vee.’ We feel the weight of time and passing of dreams on the title song, as well as ‘Clovis Highway,’ ‘Golden Years’ and ‘Sure As Sin.’ Sonny offers up a staple of his live set such as the late Gene Simmons’ ‘Haunted House.’ My favorite cut is the little pseudo-advertising jingle that sounds remarkably familiar, ‘Oh Buick’; this clever love song to the steel chariots of America's past is given an eerie timeless quality by a John Pickering guest appearance.” (Charles Pike – TLM Staff)


West Texas Wind (West)

Sure As Sin (West)

Clovis Highway (West)

Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Curtis)

Golden Years (West)

Alcohol Tobacco And Firearms (West)

Move It On Over (Williams)

Oh Buick (arr: West)

Be Still My Heart (arr: West)

Haunted House (Simmons)

(Album sketch by Charles Pike)

This special autographed-and-dated CDR sneak preview (packaged by West himself) is a very limited release, making it an immediate collectors’ item! Own a piece of Sonny West music history for just a regular CD price!

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