An Evening at the Atomic Cantina

(Lance Records DVD2201)

Legendary Fireballs’ guitarist, George Tomsco, and ‘60s-style guitarist for The Knights (A.K.A. King Richard and The Knights), Dick Stewart, did a special performance together at the Atomic Cantina in Albuquerque, NM on January 23, 2005, and after working out a reasonable mechanics royalty plan with the publishing companies of the disk’s 22 legendary songs (about 3/4 instrumental) from the Fireballs’ catalog, this DVD is now a reality.

The audio and video production of this hour and thirty-minute performance, although done by home video cams, came out very well and George’s picking skills of his legendary songs are very visible and impressive. The dialog is humorous (lots of personality on stage), and the introduction of each song by Tomsco is very historical to say the least. Also, the response of the fans that were present is very enthusiastic.


This DVD is now considered a collectors item because it was not designed for a large release with inserts. However, the price per unit, including shipping and handling, will remain at $24.00 (U.S.) and $26.00 (all other countries) until further notice.

$24.00 (U.S.)

$26.00 (all other countries)