Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll

Dick Stewart: The Lance Monthly Press

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Foreword by Malcolm Searles (Author of Upcoming Bread Biography)

While countless books and articles are available on pioneers like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Little Richard, not much has been disclosed concerning ‘the unsung heroes of early rock and roll’; so what a special treat this book is. Dick Stewart, author of Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll, has been active in the music biz nearly as long as rock and roll has been alive. Lead guitarist for the instrumental rock combo, The Knights, label owner of Lance Records, and publisher and editor of The Lance Monthly are just some of the achievements you’ll find listed on Dick’s resume. As the title of the book implies, eleven performers, who have been interviewed by Dick, constitute the subject matter. Composed in article form, these interviews are in-depth, revealing and informative. Starting with each artist’s childhood and continuing to the present, Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll travels a multitude of miles. The tone is conversational and casual, making for consistently easy and interesting reading.

The artists featured in Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll are Jack Ely (lead vocalist of The original Kingsmen), the late Larry Knechtel (studio musician extraordinaire), Carl Bunch (drummer for Roy Orbison and for Buddy Holly during his Winter Dance Party tour), and singer/songwriter/guitarist Sonny Curtis (Crickets’ guitarist and composer of The Everly Brothers’ ‘Walk Right Back’ and Bobby Fuller’s ‘I Fought the Law’). Jimmy Torres of The String-A-Longs’ ‘Wheels’ fame has a story to tell, too, one in which is so violent that it’s a miracle he survived and is still with us.

“Guitarist George Tomsco of the Fireballs of "Bull Dog" fame appears here, too, as does the late great rock-and-roll inspirer, Clyde Hankins. Also included are Keith McCormack (composer of ‘Sugar Shack’), and Robert Kelly, who got his start in one of Jack Ruby’s clubs in Dallas, Texas. Yes, that Jack Ruby—the infamous nightclub owner who shot and killed the alleged assassinator of President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The King of Fuzz Guitar, Davie Allan (‘Blues Theme’), and Sonny West, rockabilly singer, guitarist and composer of Buddy Holly’s ‘Oh Boy!’ and ‘Rave On’ are further spotlighted. How and why the music was created, accompanied by fascinating and funny experiences inhabit the pages of Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll. Honest and confessional, the book covers the good, the bad and the ugly with insight and understanding. As colorful and exciting as the music it champions, Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll answers a lot of questions and gives these fellows the accolades they deserve. Household names they may not be, but the quality of their work and their contributions to rock and roll speak for itself, and that’s what’s important.

Eleven Unsung Heroes of Early Rock and Roll marks Dick’s first book of ‘historic contributions by artists you never heard of, with a subsequent release currently in the works.” (Beverly Paterson – TLM Chief Staff Writer)


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