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Rave Reviews

TGM Album Review

While listening to this CD, I came to the conclusion that Jason Scott Stewart has twenty fingers on each hand. Half way through the album, I was starting to wonder if he was really even human. His speed and agility alone is enough to impress anyone. Then when you take into consideration that his compositions are of such a diverse nature, no one can touch this guy. But don't think that this is a CD of speedy licks and heavy riffs. Jason Stewart pushes his creativity into just about every style of music imaginable. I have yet to hear any band, any artist, or any one who could play in such a broad range of musical styles and still be dominant. Stewart is an absolute virtuoso in his own right. The bottom line is, if you want to hear a guitarist who can blow your mind, drop your jaw, and kick your ass, you better listen to this CD.

Gunther G.



Muzikman CD Review

Move over Satriani and Vai, there's a new kid in town and his name is Jason Scott Stewart . The reference to guitar heroes like Satriani and Vai are no joke. I am serious. This young man plays on the same level and at times better than his peers.

Stewart covers more ground than you could possibly imagine on this CD. Every song has a different flavor and fresh focus. I heard many different genre influences used in a clever manner to give each individual song it's own special character. Jason is a superior technician with amazing insight and command of his instrument. The operative word here is versatility. Stewart is very capable of creating huge walls of sound with his impressive rapid-fire, jaw dropping and smokin' gun style. Equally impressive are his abilities to change pace within a song structure so quickly then shift right back to where he was before the change, whew! It's hard, fast and very powerful. He plays every instrument on the CD and does it with equal passion and ability.

I found it difficult to express in words just how good Jason Scott Stewart is. Attention must be focused on such a superior talent and he should be recognized and applauded for his obvious prowess on electric guitar. Discover one of the best young guitar players in the world today. If you love instrumental rock this is one is a no-brainer, get the music and experience this virtuoso for yourself.

Keith Hannaleck


Guitar 9 Records CD Review
(The Undiscovered)
A Heaping Helping Of Shredded Bliss
Did you get your U.S.D.A. recommended dose of shred today? How about enough shred to help build strong bones and teeth? If not, spin Jason Stewart's CD Frenzy, and go for a heaping helping of shredded bliss. This New Mexico area instrumental guitarist has taken both Phrygian and friggin' licks to the next level, jamming over beat box grooves with his own brand of liquid fire. Walloping guitar harmonies. muted lines and a squalling, highly overdriven, hyper-compressed sound are just some of the trademarks of Stewart's production, as well as the fiery, alternate-picked, guitar maelstrom he unleashes at the drop of a hat. The appropriately named "Frenzy" is a great place to start, as you'll tie your poor fingers in knots attempting to air guitar along with the record. No limits here on guitar technique. Stewart will make new legions of shred fans delirious with joy.

Originally into '60s/'70s bands such as Pink Floyd, the Eagles and Jimi Hendrix, Jason found himself being more and more influenced by accomplished guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Chet Atkins and Randy Rhoads. In his late teens he delved more into shredders such as Greg Howe, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Jason started playing guitar at age 14, and the instrument quickly became an unstoppable obsession. He took every guitar class possible in high school, and later took private lessons with a jazz teacher. Jason comes from a musical family, but is convinced he would have eventually gravitated towards some form of artful expression. He has already built up a catalog of over 500 recorded songs.

Stewart would love to cover as many bases as possible in his musical career - touring, writing for movies, television and video games, or composing material for other musicians. "The only limits are those which you impose upon yourself," he notes, philosophically.

Contact Information
Jason Stewart
PO Box 1541
Sandia Park, NM 87047
United States

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