(Rare garage '60's psychedelic, frat rock and instro tracks by bands from the U.S. and abroad)


LOS DEMONIOS DEL ROCK (Dolemite Records D-6000)

A rare 1966 Mexican, Peruvian beat/garage and R&B band compilation including some hot instros.

(None of the songs on this 12"audiophile vinyl are on any other compilations!)

SIDE ONE: 1. "Andalucia" Los Temerarios; 2. "Me Atrapaste" Los Temerarios; 3. "Estoy Bien" Los Monstruos; 4. "Gloria" Los Monstruos; 5. "Vallery" Los Yorks; 6. "Bule Bu" Los Johnny Jets; 7. "Todo Estara Muy Bien" Los Yaki 8. "Mi Cuento Favorito" Los Apson

SIDE TWO: 9. "Santa" Los Doltons; 10. "En Ti No Vuelvo a Creer" Los Hitters; 11. "De Dia & De Noche" Los Yaki; 12. "Cuando" Los X-5; 13. "Le Chef" Little Juarez; 14. "El Blues del Cometa" Los Crazy Kings 15. "I Am Feeling Down" Los Sicodelicos; 16. "El Flaco" Los Hitters

HOT NIPS Volume I (Dolemite Records D-5000)

A 12" vinyl compilation of rare mid-'60s garage and beat bands from Japan. Only a few left from an original audiophile pressing of 800!

SIDE ONE: 1. "Koi Wa Mou Takusan" Dynamites; 2. "This Bad Girl" Golden Cups; 3. "You Don't Know" Emy Jackson; 4. "Teardrops" Spiders; 5. "Atuku Narenai" Mops; 6. "Cry Cry Cry" Edwards; 7. "My Dawn" Jaguars; 8. "Happening at 3 O'clock A.M." Golden Cups

SIDE TWO: 9. "Samayou Fune" Floral; 10. "Itiniti Dake No Koi" Outcast; 11. "Asamade Matenai" Mops; 12. "Yuhi To Tomoni" Wild Ones; 13. "Taiyou Yarou" Bunnys 14. Kono Mune Ni Dakishimete Tempters; 15. "Louie Louie" Blue Comets

HOT NIPS Volume II (Dolemite Records D-7000)

A 12" vinyl compilation of rare mid-'60s garage, surf and punk bands from Japan. Only a few left from an original audiophile pressing of 800!

SIDE ONE: 1. "Nothing But Love" Taxman; 2. "Agana No Otome" Ponees; 3. "Mister, You're a Better Man Than I" Powerhouse; 4. "Lucky Rain" Spiders; 5. "Akage No Mary" Gullivers; 6. "Run, Run, Run" Y. Uchida & Blue Jeans; 7. "Goodbye Baby" Phoenix

SIDE TWO: 8. "Space Express" Savage; 9. "Etenraku Go Go" Spiders; 10. "Blue Eyes" Blue Comets; 11. "This Angry Man" Y.K. & His Lancers; 12. "Surf City" D. Lida & Paradise King; 13. "Unchain My Heart" Sharp Hawks; 14. "Yogiri No Magisa" Blue Jeans; 15. "Three Blue Stars" Y.K. & His Lancers

ACID DREAMS Volume III (Gutter Records)

A 12" heavy vinyl compilation of rare '60s bands of the period of psychedelia.

SIDE ONE: 1. "No Crease En La Mujer" Los Belmonts; 2. "Fast Retreatin' Female" Charlie Brown's Generation; 3. "Worryin' Kind" Regents; 4. "Don't Ask Why" Skunks; 5. "You Make Me Fly" The Flower Power; 6. "A Scene In Between" Stained Glass; 7. "Shades of Blue" J. Beadlecomb/Purple Haze; 8. "Red Fuzz" Growing Society

SIDE TWO: 9. "Incense & Peppermints" A Little Bit of Sound; 10. "Ha Lese" New Life; 11. "Sunshine Day" The Flower Power; 12. "Let's Get With It" New Arrivals; 13. "Illusions of a Party" Fox and the Headhunters; 14. "Take My Thoughts Away" King Biscuit Entertainers

I DON'T NEED YOU (Lance Records L-2000)

A 12" vinyl compilation of all of King Richard and the Knights' early to mid-'60s efforts. Limited to an audiophile pressing of 1,000. For details on this album, go to the releases page.

BANDS ON LANCE (Lance Records L-2002)

A 12" vinyl compilation of fifteen Lance Records' soul and psychedelic '60's catalog. Limited to an audiophile pressing of 500. For details on this album, go to the releases page.

"Wild in the Desert" by Merrell and The Exiles (Lance Records L-4001)

A 12" 16-track vinyl recording of the wild and untamed sounds of Merrell Fankhauser and his teenage band, The Exiles. Most of these songs were recorded from 1964 to 1966 in the small Glenn Recording Studio of Palmdale, California. (Masterfully compiled by Germany's Harry Vee of D.C. Records). For details on this album, go to the release page.


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