Lance Records CD Catalog
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Various Artists (L-2018)

Surfin’ the Southwest, Santa Fe Style

The Knights (L-2003)

Jyck Monkey Time

The Knights (L-2004)


Jason Stewart (L-2006)

Then and Now

The Knights (L-2009)

In Progression

The Knights (L-2010)

King Richard’s Red Hot New Mexican Chile Stew-Art

The Knights (L-2011)

Back in the Moat

Richard Axtell Stewart (L-2012)

Compound Destiny

Jason Stewart (L-2013)

Tiempos Malos

The Knights (L-2014)

Those Things You Do

The Knights (L-2015)

Floresitas Mexicanas

Manny and The Casanovas (L-2016)

Sweet Perfume

Sonny West (L-2017)