The following links are not only cool, but represent those organizations, musicians and individuals that have given me the inspiration to never give up.

If you like versatile, progressive music you must check out this unbelievable talent. 

A very stylized Buddy Holly Site.

They led the way in guitar instrumental rock in the early '60s and continue to be passed over for the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

No record company has a better collection of oldies than these cats.

For a number of years now, Mike Greisman has compiled a supurb collection of '60s U.S. psychedelic and surf-rock artists via Collectable Records who would have otherwise disappeared from the face of the planet.

No one knows '60s rock from all parts of the world better than the great Harry Vee from Memmelsdorf, Germany, who is a vinyl specialist. To him, early rock must be on vinyl to give this music justice.

Hitomi is a master of shakes and has a catalog of worldwide '60s rockers, especially those from Japan, which is mind boggling!

Since the early '80s, Lee Joseph has produced a number of outstanding CD '60s psychedelic and surf-rock compilations of artists from around the U.S. Thanks to him, many of the great '60s groups that had regional success, especially in the Southwest, can now be heard once again.

All '60s rock collectors should not pass up a visit to this huge British site. More than anyone else on Earth, these cats have more rock band entries, especially psychedelic, of groups from the early '60s through the '90s with up-to-date credits and biographies.

If you're a serious song writer and you're not a member of the BMI family, then you're behind the eightball. BMI is the perfect solution for the protection of your songs so you'd better check them out yesterday!

Tom, who is an early '60s guitar instrumental surf rock admirer, offers his expert historical analysis of that style of music plus valuable informational links for the guitarist whether he or she be novice or professional.

Brian Cline's mellow folk rock style is exceptional. He's going places.

Excellent web site! Great CD reviews!

The number one Internet radio site in New Mexico and Harold and his boys rock. They like surf, frat, British, and psychedelic rock and they're so hot on The Knights that they video tape their performances and play the audio on their station frequently! Check them out now and if they'retaking a break, check them out again. You'll dig their stuff!

Wow! Although the artists on this cool Internet record store may be relatively unknown (for now), "To The Bone" picks only those who it feels are one step away from making it, big time. Don't pass this site up!

A great surf rock instro site featuring CDs, fanzines, and labels from around the world. Check it out!

The best in Music, Railway, Tram, Bus, Electrical and General Books. Thousands of books, videos and magazines are currently in stock!

A cool, New Zealand '60s garage punk, '70s punk, psyche and pop label.  Do check it out.

A cool indie label owned by a vintage '60s rocker.

The absolute latest on anything that has to do with music

Ray Duke's Internet radio broadcasting company proudly specializes in a wide range of surf-rock instrumentals from around the world.

This is a very big Buddy Holly site.

Message Board for The Roses - Backup singers for many of Buddy Holly and The Crickets' Hits

The Rock Club of all Rock Clubs